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Interpump Hydraulics

Interpump Hydraulics is the world Leader in production of pumps, valves and telescopic cylinders dedicated to truck applications, boasting renowned brands such as Hydrocar, Penta and PZB. lnterpump Hydraulics has responded to market requirements by the means of a consistent approach to products and production technology.


Manufacturer of compact hydraulic power packs for mobile applications and industrial power units.


CONTARINI, strong of many years of experience in the field of hydraulics, is specialized in the production of cylinders (standard or customized), hand pumps and in the marketing of components for the hydraulic system.


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OMT Group

Produces internally and with the highest quality standards, a wide range of components for hydraulic systems:, bellhousings and drive couplings, filters, heat exchangers, accumulators, flanges, couplings and manifold blocks, accessories.

HED Controls

Located in Hartford, Wisconsin USA, HED® is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic control solutions for mobile equipment applications. Incorporated in 1986 and privately held, the company maintains a broad, comprehensive line of control products to meet the growing and changing needs of the markets it serves. Whether a simple on-off control for a hydraulic valve, or a complex distributed intelligence system for total machine control, HED's Mission is to help vehicle designers engineer optimized solutions to challenging vehicle control applications.


Manufacturer of hydropneumatic accumulators, electromechanical pressure switches, vacuum switches, level gauges for tanks and flow indicators.


Borelli's core business is the production of mechanical components, including speed increasers and couplings, which are mostly used in agriculture (especially on machineries for tomatoes picking, brush cutters, woodcutters), in marine (on fishing boats and trawlers), in industry (on garbage trucks). Borelli offers a wide range of products; in addition, they can plan and supply components on demand for special applications.