Three days of events accompanied the start of Walvoil's 50th anniversary celebrations. Celebrations, which opened on Saturday, June 10, 2023 with an event dedicated to all employees in Italy and their families; an event that was also attended by colleagues from foreign branches present in Italy since the week before for the first Corporate Meeting of the 50th.

A moment of sharing and collective joy to celebrate the achievement of this milestone in the company's history, and the importance of people within our organization.

The second day, Monday, June 12, saw the participation of some of the main suppliers from Italy and the rest of the world, while Tuesday, June 13, on the very day of Walvoil's 50th anniversary, allowed us to share the company's future plans, and to make them physically visible as well, thanks to the participation of the main customers from all over the world.

All the events were held at the future Electronics Department of the expanding Corte Tegge headquarters, and in the Innovation Center, to which all Test Department activities serving the company in Italy and around the world will soon move.

In addition to being a production and logistics hub, the Corte Tegge site (Cavriago - RE, Italy) will soon also become the headquarters of all R&D activities.