Already in use for training purposes in recent months, since May 27, the platform ‘WALVOIL HOME - a virtual experience' is available to all stakeholders.

Accessible from the Walvoil website, this communication tool meets also the guidelines accompanying us in our daily activities: innovation, continuity and integration.

With the aim of offering an exploration, a more immersive experience than Walvoil already offers in terms of products and solutions, but also of its own world. Not only for the needs coming from the last two years of the pandemic. It will accompany us by integrating other means of communication and ways of relating, tools and events that already belong to us.

Hence the name we have attributed to it, Walvoil Home, our home, in which we are pleased to welcome those who want to visit us.

Transparent and in communication with what surrounds us is the way we have chosen to represent ourselves, so that every environment corresponds to the sector our products and solutions have been developed for.

We like to call it technology made simple. Accessibility is in fact the other value, which inspired us in designing it together with our partners.

But it is also a technology in which we don’t want to lose a human touch, as already experienced during webinars and training sessions shared with our customers.

What can be explored?
What is available at the moment are information on the solutions for the main application sectors (construction and earthmoving, agriculture, industrial vehicles, lifting and transport) and an overview of Walvoil in the world and of the Walvoil Test Department, the operational core of our R&D.

But imagine an evolving environment, a space that grows and will gradually tell something more about the Walvoil Group, in Italy and around the world.

Enter Walvoil Home and start your experience by clicking on the banner on the homepage of www.walvoil.com.

For info or for your comments, write to: marketing@walvoil.com